Canyonlands National Park: The Needles

As I reminisce on my road trip I took across the western coast 3 years ago, I remember the joy and freedom I felt road tripping alone. The peace and quiet while exploring the dry desert of Utah-specifically Canyonlands, the Needles district.

After playing professional basketball in Eastern Europe and traveling for 2 weeks through the Czech Republic and Slovenia, I realized the United States of America has plenty of places to explore. Right in my own backyard! Imagine that? Here I am trying to explore all of Europe and I have yet to see most of my own country! This is when I decided to take a road trip throughout the western coast of America, specifically the National Parks. It’s on my bucket list to explore every National Park in America. Might as well get started right?

After spending time in Colorado for the 4th of July with family, I decided to embark on my solo adventure. My first ever multi-day road trip. I grew up in the desert so desert hiking and camping is my natural habitat. I have been to Bryce Canyon, The Arches, and Zion before, however never had explored Canyonlands National Park. After more research I decided I wanted to explore this unique place.

FUN FACT: Canyonlands is divided into 3 parts: the Needles, Island in the Sky, and the Maze district. They are all separated from one another by the Green and Colorado River, which makes it very unique. You have to enter each district from a different entrance.

I decided to visit the Needles district due to the unique formations. I camped there and did a sunrise hike: Elephant Canyon to Joint Trail. It was an incredible hike and I would HIGHLY recccommend it. I also visited Island in the Sky, however just stopped at the viewpoints. Here are some photos from my adventure.


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