Beautiful Death Valley

It’s been 3 months since I resigned from my job and I still haven’t found a new one, so I decided it’s a perfect time for a camping road trip! I packed up all my belongings, moved them to Phoenix and came back to Long Beach for my last farewell before putting everything else in my car and hitting the road.

June is the month of travel for me! I started my trip up the 395 Highway. I recommend filling up with gas at Adelanto, because after that gas gets significantly more pricey! I made my way to Death Valley about 3pm in which I began my decent into the barren desert. The views where incredible as I came over the first pass. It was such a unique sight, desert, rocks and at the bottom-sand dunes. I felt as though I was driving for hours waiting to be greeted by the Welcome to Death Valley National Park sign.

I had planned to camp at wildrose campground but as I drove to the campground I was exhausted and hot (it was 106 degrees F already). I thought to myself, I have done plenty of desert camping and hiking before, but there are absolutely no trees for shade. There was no way I’d enjoy hiking, so I decided to turn around and make my way to Alabama Hills instead.

Tip: They aren’t kidding when they say the low season starts in May…visit during the winter months!!

As I began my drive out of the park, my brakes weren’t properly working which scared the crap out of me. I had no cell service so I coasted at 30-40MPH out of the valley until I got to Lone Pine. After receiving cell service again I had my mother help research auto repair shops for me. I found Miller’s Towing on the outskirts of town. They were extremely helpful and told me that although my back breaks needs changed (which I knew, but didn’t think they were THAT bad), my break problems were just from riding my brakes too much and them heating up, resulting in them not working temporarily. Moral of the story: DON’T ride your breaks down the hills of Death Valley! A tow from there can be up to a couple thousand dollars depending how deep into the park you are.

The little I did see in Death Valley appeared to be beautiful! 🙂 I just need to come back and visit during the winter (high-season) when weather conditions are more manageable.


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