Where the Desert meets the Sierra Nevada

Alabama Hills. Have you ever heard of this place? It’s in Lone Pine, CA off the 395 Hwy. A friend of mine told me it was an incredible sight, where the jagged peaks of the Sierra Nevada Mountains meet the dry desert. I couldn’t imagine what that looked like, until I drove up to my campground at Turtle Creek. I saw up close and personal the joining of the desert and the beautiful Sierra Nevada Mountains.

You can camp anywhere within Alabama Hills for Free, however Turtle Creek Campground   was only $5 per night and I think well worth the view! Utilities at the campground include: trash, water, and bathrooms. Turtle Creek runs through the campground, where some of the sites back the quiet, green, lush creek. Other sites have a beautiful view of the rock formations and Sierra Nevada Mountains.

After dealing with my car problems in town, I made my way to Alabama Hills to find a campground (Turtle Creek). I set up camp and took a nap, waking up right as the sun was setting over the Sierra Nevada Mountains. The orange and purple colors in the sky were gorgeous. The next morning I woke up to a beautiful sunrise shining on the Sierra Nevada Mountains. After enjoying the sunrise, I packed up and headed out for the Mobius Arch hike.

I took the Mobius Arch trailhead to the right and hiked until I met the “T” in the trail and took a right (instead of looping to the left and back to the parking lot). It took me to a dirt cul-de-sac where another trail picked up to the left. I followed it until it hit another dirt road, which I saw yet another trail heading up the boulder rock formations. I thought it would be fun to climb a little and get a great view of the valley and Sierra Nevada Mountains.

Side Note: There were a few fire pits up on the boulders where people had camped, if you wanted to pack your camping gear in a little.

The trail eventually disappeared but I just adventured up the boulders until I got to the beautiful view you see at the top of this page. I’m not entirely sure what trail I was on, but it was a fun adventure and well worth the view! The valley is quite open and visible, so not very likely to get lost like it would be in a forest in the mountains. I thoroughly enjoyed exploring Alabama Hills, and would love to come back and do some more hiking or climbing in the future.


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