Wildflowers: Beauty Beyond your Imagination

Crested Butte is by far my favorite vacationing spot. I say this with a little hesitation since I want to selfishly keep it a secret. Although it is a popular skiing and snowboarding spot, I’m not sure people are aware of how incredible it is during the summer.

First of all, July is the best time to go since the wildflowers are in full BLOOM and there is still snow sometimes in June. Although Crested Butte has a Wildflower Festival every year, it is almost best to go on a different weekend so you have the opportunity to explore without the crowds that flock for the festival. Crested Butte has many different festivals throughout the year, like a Food & Wine Festival, Musical Festivals, and more. Check out their events page here before planning your trip.

This  year we decided to go at the end of July and spend about a week there. It was nice and relaxing as we were able to hang around the town and listen to some great music while taking day hikes or mountain bike rides through 3-5 foot tall meadows of wildflowers. During the summer, Crested Butte hosts free summer concerts in the the park near the Performing Arts Center and at the Crested Butte Ski Resort. They also have a farmer’s market every Sunday 10am-2pm during the summer on Elk Ave.

If live music is your thing, you don’t have to worry!  Many of the bars will have musicians playing folk, acoustic, blues, or soft rock…the genres vary. The Princess Bar has live music practically every night, if you are in town during the weekday in the summer. It also has a beautiful garden patio with all types of flowers that is worth checking out. Overall, there is plenty for everyone in Crested Butte!


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