Hiking the Green Lake Trail

Although Green Lake (Elevation 10,613′) isn’t recommended as a hike to do when you first arrive in Crested Butte, due to the elevation gain of 1683′, it is very convenient if you are staying in Crested Butte. You don’t have to drive to get to the trailhead, but just walk down to the Nordic Center off 2nd Street and Whiterock. There you will see the trailhead and a map to give you a better idea of the trail you are about to embark on. The trail climbs (0.2 miles) until a dirt road to some private homes. Follow it for (0.3 miles) before seeing the trail to your left headed into the Aspen.

Once you are in the Aspen woods, you follow the trail for about a mile before running into an old road. This is a steep climb, however it’s only for about 0.25 miles. You then follow another paved road for 0.25 miles before finding the trail once again on your left, heading up the mountain. The rest of the hike gradually climbs but has beautiful views of the stream and wildflowers until you reach the top of Green Lake.

The Lake was slightly disappointing as there was dead debris and trees in it (as you can see from the picture above). But I am assuming this is just because I hiked it late in the season. But the views and wildflowers are well worth the hike.



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