Secret Wildflower Paradise

There is a little town North of Crested Butte called Gothic. It’s a small village of scientists who come from all over the United States to do research in the Mountains of Colorado.  They call themselves: Rock Mountain Biological Laboratory (RMBL, pronounced rumble). Although there are a few hiking trails still public, most of the land in the area is off-limits due to research. Please follow the signage as my sister was a scientist in Gothic for a summer and she shared with me how devastating it is, when you find some tourists have trampled through your research project.

They do have a visitor’s center I’d recommend checking out, as I believe they also do tour of the community to help inform the public about what they are doing. One of my sister’s friends mentioned he was going on a hike to the most beautiful place he’s ever been, with wildflower fields that were filled with every color in the rainbow. I asked if I could join and he said yes, since I would accompany them. However it is partly cut-off from the public since there is research along the trail. So I feel very special that I was able to see something that not everyone gets a chance to see. Again, here is a perfect serendipitous moment!

The trail was about 8 miles round trip and at a constant climb. We saw so may different wildflowers it was incredible! I couldn’t stop every moment to take another photo, however I believe I was able to capture quite a variety. At the very top there was a field of all PINK flowers: pink little elephants, primrose, pink paintbrush, veronica, and clover. It was something I never could have imagined. We took an hour nap at the top, enjoying the magnificent view before heading back down to beat the thunderclouds that were roaring in. Truly a once in a lifetime experience. Hope you enjoy my pictures of the beautiful wildflowers and scenery!


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