I’ve named my blog Exploration & Serendipity because of my love for exploring the rocks unturned and what serendipity provides-experiences you could never dream of. Throughout my travels, it is the serendipity that makes my adventure so memorable and cherished. Chance is a special thing not many people really think of often. However I just can’t wait for the next serendipitous experience!

I have been blessed with the opportunity to have seen so much of the world at such a young age. More than many people will ever see, unfortunately. I love to travel and experience the beauty of this world we have been given. I can be found sitting off the grand canyon taking in the view of a majestic rain storm rolling in, or reading a book on the cold grass overlooking a still and quiet lake. These little moments in the present are so precious, that I try to capture a small part of it in my photography. I share my photographs with you in order to share the beauty this world offers.

I hope to give you a little insight in all the places I adventure off to. I love chatting about my travels and experiences, so feel free to email me at: kari.laplante13@gmail.com Whether it is just to share your travel experiences or to talk about traveling in general.

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